Story that changed my life

Well, It’s that time of year again…

The annual Helios Awards 2007 will be launched globally on March 28. In preparation for this event, can you nominate an individual to act as the local Champion for the programme in your country. The role of the appointed Champion is to help facilitate Helios Awards activities and engagement on a local and/or site level. This includes:

Promoting the helios awards through engagement activities that are targeted to the local audience. This can be achieved with guidance from the area contact.
Informing local leadership and colleagues about the key dates and deadlines so they can be successfully shared through team meetings, town halls and workshops.
Promoting the helios awards in location specific newsletters and / or intranet sites during the submission period.
Ensuring that promotional material is being displayed correctly (eg. launch and re-invigoration posters).
Being available to answer helios awards related questions from their colleagues and direct them to resources for further information (eg. the Helios awards website).
Ho Cong Hoai Phuong has been recommended to the role of Country Champion forVietnam. This will be a very good development opportunity for him and he will be working closely with Son and the Regional Helios Awards organizing team.


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