Amir said

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.16.55 AM

“I don’t believe advertising is dying but it is evolving. We are in a fast evolving and most interesting period of our times.”

“Technology cannot replace an idea. A marketer will always need that ‘idea’. One should use digital infrastructure to come up with an idea that produces a brand experience in a completely different way than the way it was.”

“In order to solve a problem one needs to define it correctly – whether it is awareness, brand loyalty or something else. It helps one to be more effective and more creative”

“a marketer should start to see the people who are out there not as a grey mass or some defined target groups but as ‘friends’”

“if a creative person thinks that he is an artist, he is probably in the wrong business. A creative person in advertising is the one who proves to his client that his solution is the best and can provide the desired results for the business”


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