My top 20 tweets in 2014

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Tôi có tài khoản Tweeter dùng để đánh dấu lại những bài báo hay, phim quảng cáo hay và những suy nghĩ ngắn của tôi hoặc những quan điểm mà tôi không có thời gian viết ra trên blog. Và tôi đã chọn ra 20 tweets mà tôi thích nhất trong năm 2014 này.

  1. Be different and say it differently is two different things
  1. Researches focus on what consumer is doing. Growth is about creating what consumer is not doing. Want to grow? Do not do researches.
  1. When advertising buzzword was born everyday by digital guy, just back to basic!
  1. Dear marketers, stop act as you are publishers
  1. Content is invented by bullshit artists to add gravitas and mystery to mundane marketing activities.
  1. When you have a great product, nobody care about your Ad. Just ask Apple’s fan
  1. When I work, I enjoy the bad sides of advertising. When I coach, I tell the good sides.
  1. Content marketing can bring values to consumer. Maybe! But it also will take one valuable thing from them: TIME.
  1. Remember: in the end, client buys your creativity, not your strategy.
  1. When our consumer can find many interesting content on internet. Internet is our enemy
  1. Consumer share stuff from brand is ideal action that marketer think but it never happen in reality
  1. Below every good (viral) TVCs on youtube is the comment: “What is the name of the song?”
  1. The best solution for any advertising problem is making a better product
  1. Internet gave us a free tool to public our ad does not mean we are easy with its creativity. We saw many “sh*t” from ad agency on internet
  1. Brand is on Consumer Brain. So stop learning about brand and start learning about Brain.
  1. Don’t promote your product. Promote things that your consumer will need your product most.
  1. People do not loyal to brand, they loyal to good product and useful function.
  1. Yep! Don’t try to make a creative brief when client brief is clear and simple enough!
  1. There is only one consumer insight: buy thing better, cheaper, nicer looking, make them fell better.
  1. Without planner, agency work well. So you need to prove that you can help agency work better.

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