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Feeling Is Believing

May 12, 2015

Don’t make your consumer think. Just feel!

(un)common sense and bravery

Volvo has just released another 4-minute film, and it has allegedly run in its entirety on Swedish television, all four minutes of it. Bravo #Volvo!

This time the theme is about revisiting your roots in order to find a new beginning. Swedish DJ/Artist/Producer Avicii is the protagonist. This film, like the one before it, is underscored by the line “Made by Sweden”.

While I don’t like this film nearly as much as “Vintersaga” (see below), I do like the fact that these films stem from an advertising philosophy that’s different from the one that’s come to dominate Adland’s view of what makes effective advertising, and subsequently the creative process in ad agencies across geographies, not least here in the US: Rational persuasion is central to the creation of messages and narratives, which often manifests itself in the perceived need for a ton of RTBs. If you don’t work in Adland, that’s…

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