My top 20 tweets in 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.30.25 AM

  1. It’s not how thick your deck is but how deep your thought is
  2. I’m not a planner with a good analysis skill because in the end, consumer dont analyze our creativity.
  3. Writing a maximum-8-words advertising concept from client’s 80 slides product document is what advertising agency do.
  4. We don’t sale to people, we sale occasion that they use product. Forget about targeting marketing. Think about occasion based marketing.
  5. Content marketing will die soon when marketer realize that they could not compete with publishers on content category.
  6. Advertising don’t create new thing. We just make old thing new.
  7. It’s not create a strategy for creativity. It’s about finding a strategy behind ideas.
  8. Good creative brief should liberate creativity. So, Single minded message is old fashion and in-effective.
  9. The more time you spend online. The more belief you have on digital advertising’s effectiveness.
  10. Recently, I enjoyed many good TVCs. But, I could not remember the brand behind.
  11. The biggest mistake of marketer: They think consumer care their brand.
  12. Why don’t we see great digital advertising idea? Because if it is great, they will quit ad-land and start their business.
  13. Want to increase your brand awareness? Expand your distribution.
  14. Brand mission, vision, values, positioning and strategy is so important that you need to do by yourself.
  15. Good idea is good idea. We don’t need to explain!
  16. Most of brand issues are related to brand image. Because brand managers don’t have sense of art. They only can judge copy.
  17. “Social media is effective channel” is just an excuse for lacking of budget on mass media.
  18. It’s easy to find an idea. It’s more difficult to find the way to sell it.
  19. Do we need a very strong logic, rational and convincing message to let consumer try a 4000 VND snack?
  20. Making niche product for few is easy. Making product that used by all is hard.




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